Meet Bethany

My little family! Dave, me, Matilda and Kingston.

Ok, so here goes nothing! If I had a dollar for every time someone told me to start a food blog, I’d never have to work another day again. And that life sounds AMAZING! But I wanted this blog to be a little more than just food and I wanted to be able to incorporate all that I love to do. Cook, write, renovate our home, read and spend time with my little family.

I remember the first meal that I actually cooked on my own. I was probably 12 and I decided that I wanted to make a special dinner for my parents. So, I enlisted my little sister’s help and we made sautéed chicken, rice pilaf and broccoli. I can’t help but laugh at the simplicity of it but we did it!

Fast forward to quite a few years later when I was living in NC. It was the first time I was on my own aside from college and I had no idea what to do. Eating out was not an option as life as an adult is far from cheap, so I had to figure it out on my own. Let’s be honest, my mother is full-blooded Portuguese, I never really needed to cook for myself, just help out when she asked for it, so I had no idea what to really do.

Grocery shopping was HORRIBLE the first time. I didn’t make a list and I just threw everything I liked into the cart. BIG mistake. It was SO expensive and almost all of it went to waste since I had no idea how to meal plan or prep … FAIL!

Over the course of the past decade (yep … this happened over 10 years ago), I’ve learned how to shop, plan, prep and cook almost everything we eat from scratch. Except fried eggs … I cannot get the hang of flipping without breaking the yolk and it’s quote annoying!

Our beautifully renovated kitchen!

So, I invite you to take a step into my home and enjoy all of the recipes, DIY’s, renovations and daily shenanigans I’ve got to offer you!

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